Brief History

Corcuera is a fifth class island municipality of the province of Romblon. It was once a political subdivision of Jones (now Banton) but acquired political status on February 3, 1931 by virtue of Executive Order No. 295 series of 1930. It was named Corcuera in honor of Governor General of the Philippine Hurtado de Corcuera. The island of Simara was derived from two local words “ Sima” and “Ra” which mean hook and also respectively and refer to how the island looks like.


The municipality of Corcuera is hemmed in bodies of water from all sides; on the north and east is the Sibuyan Sea; on the South by Tablas strait and on the west by the sea that separates the municipality from Concepcion.

The seat of government is at Poblacion which is 30 kilometers from Romblon, the seat of provincial government, 12 kilometers from Banton , and the municipal district of Calatrava on the south; 42 kilometers from Concepcion and 69 kilometers from the nearest airport  at Tugdan. Poblacion is also the center of  trade and commerce and the principal port of the municipality.

Land Area

Total land area of the municipality is 2,343 hectares or 23.43 sq. kilometers.

Topography and Slope

The island-municipality of Corcuera, has lowland areas (lowland slope ranges from 3% to 8%) which comprise about 40% of total land area. The remaining 60% is hilly with varying degrees of inclination ranging from 8% to 18% slope. Most of the lands are planted to coconuts and fruit-bearing trees and ideal for pasture land for livestock. The coastal areas are dotted with alternating rocks and white beaches.


Total population as of 2010 was 9, 935. 8.28% of this resides in the urban barangays at Mabini and Poblacion. On the other hand, 91.72% is rural population residing in the remaining 13 barangays. Alegria is the biggest barangay in terms of land area and population while Mabini is the smallest barangay.

Income Classification

As per latest income classification, Corcuera is a 5th class municipality. The municipality’s income for the year 2015 is P 46, 754, 836.11. IRA totalled P 38,065,074.00 or 81.4% while locally generated revenues registered P 8, 689,132.11 or 18.6%.